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        ?Kalpatharu Software Ltd – Pioneers in Software Development is looking for the following positions

        • 1. Sr.Java Developers [Exp : 3 – 4 Yrs] Proficient in Java, Solid understanding of OOPS, J2EE, Strong Exp in Spring, MVC,, Familiarity with Maven, ORM Frameworks (Hibernate), JSON, JQuery, AJAX with work Experience in Eclipse & GIT.
        • 2. Java Developers [Exp : 1 – 2 Yrs] Skills in Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JSP, JSONm JQuery,, AJAX, Eclipse
        • 3. Mobile App Developers [Exp 2-3 Yrs] Experience in Mobile Application development on iOS / Android platforms.
        • 4. Report Developers [Exp 1 Yr] Experience in RDBMS, Strong Query knowledge & Creating and delivering reports in Jasper reporting tool.
        • 5. ERP Software Implementation Engineers [Exp 2-3 Yrs]. Project Execution and Training to end users. Hindi speaking preferred and willing to travel.
        • 6. Marketing Executives 2 to 3 years Experience in Software Marketing

        Apply within 7 days to: Email : hr@www.mcwyxh.com, info@www.mcwyxh.com